Maybe we cut ourselves
to remind us that
our pain is real,
that we aren’t delusional,
we aren’t making things up
as people would say.
This isn’t for the whole world
to see, it’s only for us
Or in the event that it is,
maybe it’s a cry for help.
Maybe it will show them
that wounds don’t heal
overnight. that wounds
would go away just by telling
ourselves to not think about it,
to try to be happy.
Has a wound ever closed up
just because you tell it to?
maybe we want our physical scars
because we know
they’ll go away in time,
unlike the scars in our hearts
which never say goodbye.
under the blade #2 (by Jai R,)
I’m terrified that I am a piece that will never find its puzzle.
― (247/365) by (DS)


Its hard for people without depression to understand when some days that just dropping a cup of water will bring you to tears because they think oh this is just one little thing but you see it as oh my god I can’t even get water without fucking up and now I’ve made a huge mess I shouldn’t even try

Sometimes things suck


Sometimes things suck.

Looking on the bright side doesn’t always help. Positive thinking doesn’t always help. Gratitude and mindfulness don’t always help. Those things help in some situations, but they’re not a universal cure that will fix everything.

Noticing that things suck isn’t what makes them suck, and pretending that things are ok will not make them better. 

Sometimes people act like it’s your fault for noticing, like if you’d just have a positive attitude, nothing would be bad. But it doesn’t work that way. Taking a positive attitude only fixes things when your attitude is the problem. Sometimes it isn’t.

Sometimes things really are that bad, and it’s ok to acknowledge that they are that bad. When things are actually bad externally, being realistic about what’s going on can make things a lot easier to manage. 

(Even if, right now, you can’t see any way to make them better.)

There’s a monster at the end of this book. It’s the blank page where the story ends and you’re left alone with yourself and your thoughts
― @NightValeRadio (via asteropes)